It is all about making an impact. It does not matter whether you are going to an important business meeting or if you are heading out for the city nightlife because all you want to do is look good. This is what ReBirth - Haircare is all about. Good looks combined with a sustainable development the cares about our earth. Our product gives you the opportunity to arrive in style and to leave an impact on the people you meet, all thanks to our ecologic product that puts you and the earth first.


ReBirth - Haircare was founded in 2008. The main thought was to offer the market sustainable haircare products without compromising the quality. The product development started and soon thereafter we had our unique formula for our hair wax. Today it's sold on multiple places in Scandinavia, If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Product Description

ReBirth hair wax is 100% ecologic and this makes it unique on the Swedish market. With essential oils that smells like lime and a firm structure is makes your hair well scented and easy to style during the day. There are no chemicals added, so your hair and scalp will not get damaged. Without chemicals it's also easy to wash out with shampoo and it leaves no traces


Short hair: Spread a small amount on your fingertips, work through it and then apply to dry hair. Shape and separate for a matte finish. Work it through the scalp to get the rough style.


Long hair: Spread it on your fingertips and pull gently and evenly through your hair to make it anti static. To get some volume, apply and work a small amount onto your scalp.

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