My name is Oscar Selemba, I am 25 years old and have a full MA(Hons) Architecture degree from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I am born and raised in Helsingborg, Sweden, but have family spread all over the world, giving me the opportunity to travel a lot. During my four years of study in Edinburgh I learnt skills ranging within technology, creativity, environmental aspects and design. I use my spare time doing research, going to debates and visiting local architectural firms and architectural sites whenever possible. In Edinburgh I was highly involved with the year, both as class representative, organising class trips to cities such as Munich and Rome, and establishing an architecture football team from year one up to the week before graduation, which enabled us to become a much stronger group.


With a great interest in art, design and photography I have developed an even greater interest in Architecture. Travels around the world has made me realise the effect architecture has on the society, the environment and also the opportunity I have to influence it with my own thoughts and ideas.


Being an intern at David Churchill Architectural Photographers and working full time at JKAB Arkitekter has given me an understanding of the industry, what it takes and what it gives. To work in different environments has made me feel confident of change, high tempo and especially new challenges.


My development has made me into an individual with strong self-confidence, integrity and with a constant will to develop. There is so much more within Architecture than drawing, factors like the environment, a working economy and creating solid social foundations play a very big role. With my current knowledge and interest I know that I have the capacity to someday create something that reflects my personality, and works in today’s society.


Since 2008, founded through Young Enterprises in High School, I have been running my own company, ReBirth - Haircare, which has won several awards for being environmentally friendly. We produce and sell Scandinavia’s first 100% ecologic hair wax since it is a minor thing for every man to change and an easy contribution to the environment. The choice of haircare came naturally to me at the time as it is what my family is involved in. This process has followed me into my studies where materiality, politics and issues in the society play a big part in my designs.


Personally I believe that I am a very social, dedicated person with a strong academic background and an ideal combination of creativity, personal enthusiasm and positive attitude.

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